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WEB.HCYU. 09.03.2013. To commemorate 63 years of the Traditional Student’s Day and of the Vietnam National Union of Students (01/09/1950 - 01/09/2013), the Central of Vietnam National Union of Students coordinated with the Vietnamese Student Newspaper on organizing an award ceremony of the January Star Prize 2013.

Web.HCYU. 08.01.2013. At Thong Nhat park, the HCYU of Hanoi City and Hanoi Union of Students held a ceremony themed "Celebrating the achievements of 2012 and welcoming New Year 2013" to review the City Youth Union’s work and movements in 2012; celebrate the 63rd anniversary of students and pupils (9/01/1950 - 9/01/2013) and present “Award of Hanoi Capital’s Outstanding Young Individuals 2012.”
Web.HCYU. 08.01.2013. A festival themed “The Youth with Traffic Culture” took place in Hanoi on January 6 aimed at raising public awareness on traffic safety issues and responding to the beginning of Traffic Safety Year 2013. Source: Nhandan.
WEB.HCYU. 08.01.2013. To open the Traffic Safety Year 2013, under the theme “Raising the sense of responsibility among on-duty officers and awareness among road users”, over 5,000 Hanoian pupils and students walked at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi On January 6, 2013. Source: CPV/dtinews.
Web.HCYU.07.01.2013. Vietnam will have about 3,000 vocational teachers who meet the quality standards set by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) by 2015, a Government meeting heard on Wednesday.
Web.HCYU.07.01.2013. Working towards the development of young generation, the Vietnamese Student Development and Support Foundation (VSDSF) is offering valuable support to students with financial hardships but demonstrating significant efforts and perseverance in overcoming adversity during their studies at universities and colleges.
Web.HCYU.07.01.2013. National Congress of Vietnamese Young Physicians Association, term 2012-2015, held in Hanoi with the attendance of Ms Nguyen Thi Doan, Member of the CPV Central Committee, Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Web.HYCU.05.01.2013: Vietnamese students bagged two silver medals at the World Physics Olympiad 2012 (WoPhO) - a new competition for secondary students throughout the world - which concluded in Indonesia on January 3.
Web.HCYU. 04/01/2013. At its headquarters in Hanoi, the HCYU warmly welcomes overseas Vietnamese youth delegates attended the 10th Congress of the HCYU and receives financial contribution to a meaningful youth work following the success of the 10th Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.
Web.HCYU.03.01.2013. External activities in 2013 will continue to play a part in maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for national development, said Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh.
Web.HCYU.02/1/2013. Gymnast Phan Thi Ha Thanh was voted 2012’s most outstanding athlete, announced the Vietnam Sports newspaper and the Fund of Support to Young Vietnamese Talents on December 31st.
Web.HCYU. 28/12/2012. Vietnamese and Lao top leaders have affirmed that under any circumstance, the two Parties, States and peoples will do their utmost to preserve and foster the Vietnam-Laos special relationship, for the prosperous development of each country as well as for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world at large. Source: CPV/VNA.
Web.HCYU. 28/12/2012. 250 delegates from 10 countries in the Southeastern Asia participate in the ASEAN- INDIA Youth Exchange Programme from 11th to 21st December 2012. (Photos contributed by Thuy Vy and team members).
Web.HCYU.27/12/2012. The year 2012 saw Vietnam working hard to struggle against impacts from the world’s economic slowdown and internal difficulties, while accelerating its international integration process. Source: Nhandan/VNA.
Web.HCYU. 26/12/2012. Hanoi has been rated best destination in Vietnam for city life by Lonely Planet Traveller, the world’s leading tourist magazine.