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Web.HCYU.21/01/2013 - The 2nd conference of the HCYU Central Executive Committee, term 2012-2017, officially opened. This national conference is to be held in Hanoi from 21 to 22/01/2013 and focus on some of the most important matters regarding youth.

Web.HCYU.21.01.2013 - A meeting to mark the 40 th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan friendship and cooperation was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 18. Source CPV/VNA.
Web.HCYU. 19.01.2013. Bac Ninh 08 Jan 2013, representatives of the HCYU Secretariat and Communications Committee of the HCYU’s former officials signed an Agreement of Regulations on Coordination to promote the HCYU’s tradition, enhance the relationship and raise the effectiveness of working.
Web.HCYU.18.01.2013: The HCYU weekly news summary includes short summaries on the youth and children movements of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union across Vietnam.
Web.HCYU. 18.01.2013. This year, the Ministry of Science and Technology will focus on providing information about renovating management mechanisms over science and technology activities, including mechanism of using state funds for science and technology projects. Source: CPV.
Web.HCYU.17.01.2013. Hanoi will host the fifth blood donation day on January 20 in an effort to support hospitals in saving patients during the upcoming lunar New Year (Tet) festival. Source: VOV.
Web.HCYU. 17.01.2013. The Vietnamese Youth and Student Association (VYSA) in Japan, in collaboration with businesses in Japan, organized the Job Fair 2013 for Vietnamese students and young people living and studying in the country on January 13. Source: CPV/VNA.
Web.HCYU. 17.01.2013. As one of the SSEAYP participants, Truong Van Loc shares his thought of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program, which started in 1974 aiming at fostering friendship and cultural understanding among Youths from Japan and ASEAN countries.
Web.HCYU. 16.01.2013. The Ministry of Education and Training has asked universities, institutes and colleges to carry out works related to enrolment for doctoral training in foreign countries in 2013, according to Project 911. Accordingly, 1,100 candidates will be enrolled. Source: CPV.
Web.HCYU.14.01.2013. A project to create a society of learning for the 2012-2020 period has been approved by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan. Source: CPV/VNA.
Web.HCYU. 10.01.2013. Signing ceremony for memorandum of understanding between Phu Yen Provincial Youth Union (Vietnam) and Savannakhet Provincial Youth Union (Laos) held in Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen on 8 Jan 2013.
Web.HCYU. 10.03.2013. The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP) and the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee presented more than 2,900 bike helmets to pupils from four primary schools at an event on 9 December 2013. Source: CPV/VOV.
Web.HCYU. 10.01.2013. On January 9, the newly-appointed Secretary General of ASEAN Le Luong Minh assumed office at the ASEAN headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, after Mr. Surin Pitsuwan’s term ended. Source:CPV.
Web.HCYU. 09.01.2013. New ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh is scheduled to assume office in the morning of January 9 at the ASEAN headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, according to a press briefing of the ASEAN Secretariat. Source: VGP.
WEB.HCYU. 09.03.2013. To commemorate 63 years of the Traditional Student’s Day and of the Vietnam National Union of Students (01/09/1950 - 01/09/2013), the Central of Vietnam National Union of Students coordinated with the Vietnamese Student Newspaper on organizing an award ceremony of the January Star Prize 2013.